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Top 10 Best Freelancing websites for new Freelancers – 2022 Edition

Are you new to the freelance world and looking for a way to get started? Well, this blog post is here to help. We have compiled a list of 10 freelancing websites that will help freelancers find work – some are general websites with listings from all over, while others specialize in certain fields or types of jobs. Whatever field you’re interested in, there’s sure to be something on this list that can point you in the right direction!

Here are 10 freelancing websites for new freelancers:

1. Upwork

upwork jobs 2022

Upwork offers a great way to find freelance work no matter what your skill set is. For web developers, graphic designers and writers there’s plenty on offer at Upwork that will be perfect for you! The website constantly has new job listings which make it easy as pie (or whatever programming language they use) navigating through all these opportunities with ease- just waiting in queue until one comes along that suits each individual need; whether its writing quality copy or designing beautiful graphics


2. Fiverr

fiverr best gigs 2022

Fiverr started out as a place to find quick freelance gigs for $5, but it’s grown into much more than that. Now you can set your own starting prices and add-ons on FiverR; many savvy freelancers use lower prices with small projects just so they’ll be sure to hire them again in larger projects later down the road! In addition, payments are built right into the platform which means there is no need worry about invoicing clients either – this makes things easier all around.


3. PeoplePerHour

peopleperhour similar websites

PeoplePerHour is a company that markets itself as doing better than other websites in matching clients with freelancers. With the help of artificial intelligence, PeoplePéhour aims to bring together qualified professionals and interested project seekers more seamlessly than ever before by using data analytics for precision matches .
A client can submit their idea or requests through an online form which will then be analyzed by our AI program machine learning algorithm – this technology helps us find potential candidates who are best suited towards your needs (whatever they may happen too). If you’re lucky enough , some might even offer proposals right at this moment! You simply choose from amongst them all according what suits each party most !



guru freelancing jobs

Guru is a unique and authentic freelance platform that values transparency. They ensure all roles are well-defined, with no hidden agendas or expectations left unanswered for their clients in the process of delivering services to them. Guru ensures freelancers have proven credibility before putting forth work on the site itself by requiring invoices from any applicants who want access as either sub contractors or employees (depending upon what kind you choose). Invoice payments can be made securely through this website which also has multiple terms available so there’s never too much pressure when it comes time pay up!


5. Freelancer jobs

Freelancer is one of the best freelancing sites for finding jobs that pay according to your skills and preferences. You can search by category, including fixed price projects or hourly rate ones; there’s even contests where you work on specific tasks with different languages available to choose from

Freelancer is the best place to find freelance jobs of all shapes and sizes. With an interface that’s easy enough for beginners, yet robust enough so power users can do everything they need in one quick search session – it’ll become your go-to resource every time a new opportunity pops up on any platform!
Freelancers have access not just make offers but also track their workloads by using tools like Time Tracking or Billing Reports . This way you know exactly how much work was assigned when bidding projects without having deal directly with clients through email exchanges; no more guessing about rates either because now there are estimates upfront plus current numbers describing competition at each skill level.


6. 99Designs

99designs is a website that provides designers with the opportunity to find freelance work online. It also offers intial project cost reimbursement, payments upon completion and matchmaking services in exchange for their $100 registration fee as well platform fees which can add up quickly if you’re working from home or on location instead of an office space – but it’s worth checking out!
One thing 99Design does come at expense? You guessed it: startup costs. But don’t worry about being without clients just yet because we’ve found some creative ways around these pesky financial barriers.


7. TaskRabbit

There are more and more people who want to freelance these days, but don’t know where or how. TaskRabbit is a website that connects freelancers (taskers) in your area with those needing help for odd jobs around town- perfect if you’re looking forward some occasional errands run!


8. Designhill

Designhill is all about giving creatives the opportunity to show their creativity and make money off it. Designers have a wide range of opportunities at hand from designing T-shirts, getting them printed by an in-house team that can produce anything your heart desires! And if you’re feeling extra ambitious? Start up your own store on this fun site where people not only buy products but also support talented individuals like yourself more directly than ever before.


9. Toptal

Toptal pitches itself as a place to find the top 3% of freelance talent. Out of thousands every month, they only accept few into their ranks which sets them apart from many other job sites out there and gives you an opportunity get yourself in front big name companies like Airbnb or Duolingo that use Toptal!


10. SimplyHired

As a freelancer, you might have found yourself wondering how to get work. Well there are lots of resources on SimplyHired that will help if you’re still figuring it all out! For starters they have free online resume builders so even those without any experience in marketing themselves can make their resumes stand-out from others and see what kindof clients apply for jobs with them as well using job posting fees which don’t cost employers anything but give workers access through one easy account.

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If not, don’t worry – we have plenty more content coming soon that might interest you. Stay tuned!

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