Metaverse and web 3.0

Uhive Metaverse (Web 3.0) Social media Platform

Uhive is a new social network started in 2017 and now it’s growing very fast, Uhive based on metaverse technology and moving forward very quickly, The Question is very it is different and people are interested in it? Because it give people back money while surfing Uhive platform and Uhive has its own crypto currency “ HVE2“.

Uhive Mission to build Metaverse

What Uhive says about their mission “ To recreate the ultimate user experience and become the  world’s most dominant social network ”

The research and development that went into Uhive has been a 5-year process. Their ultimate goal is to provide infinite possibilities for people to engage, express themselves and be whoever they want to be and  is to build the foundation for a new metaverse digital world.

How will we do that?
• New Social Experience.
• Innovation: creating a new world within a world.
• Token economy: Introducing our own built-in Tokens, known as Uhive Tokens, which offers
users multiple ways to engage within the social network.
• Advertisement revenue sharing:
– Recognising that social media advertisements only work because of user engagement
– Rewarding users for making advertisement income possible by sharing a portion of the advertisement revenue received by Uhive

Uhive/HVE2 Token Price


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uhive token price


Uhive Metaverse Approach (The Oasis)

Once you sign up, simply, choose your main interest and start exploring by swiping left, right, up and down and the ability to zoom in and out, with the support of our innovative and patent pending new navigation. You will have the ability to spot any of your interests from a distance and explore through infinite spaces, whatever your interests are!
Social networks generally require the user to search for keywords, relevant words and hashtags to startup a new discovery for random topics in order to reach their final results page. However, Uhive grants users with the opportunity to dive through infinite spaces and identify communities worth exploring. The journey utilises aids (spaces with occupancies)
to take exploration to the next level.

What is Metaverse or Web 3.0

The Metaverse; ‘Web 3.0”, the “Evolution of Digital”, the “Successor State” to the internet and whatever else it is being called out there, is here. A convergence of the physical, augmented and virtual reality in a shared online space. The metaverse is a digital universe that mirrors the real world, supporting a new generation of users that are looking for more immersive and innovative ways to interact, create and earn. For the metaverse to exist, there are 7 core elements that must interconnect. Uhive has built 4 core elements that interact seamlessly with the whole ecosystem

NFT Concept in Uhive Metaverse

What are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)?

Non-Fungible Tokens or Nifties are collectible digital assets that exist on a blockchain. Each token has unique specifications that make it a one-of-a-kind. An NFT can be owned by one user only, and they cannot be replicated or forged. On Uhive, an NFT token can be applied to every single space!

On Uhive, everything is designed to be converted to NFT, meaning that in addition to your space, you
can also convert the following to NFTs:
• Complete space (with followers, awards, social scale, etc.)
• Space’s location
• Space’s name
• Space’s content
• Space’s logos
• Collectable cards and artwork
• Mind blowing special effects & more!

Digital Collectibles
Uhive supports digital collectibles, giving users the ability to create their own NFT, albeit prioritising high-quality NFTs for users to see first. Some NFTs will have superpowers, a feature which will allow for the NFT users to use the superpower
on the Uhive App, with powers such as the ‘social scale booster’ – which increases the ability to like and dislike posts.

Deed to your space
Spaces are NFTs. In order to truly own your space NFT, a unique token address is attached to your space’s location. Once the space’s NFT token is minted, the owner of the space can request its transfer to their own blockchain wallet for safekeeping purposes or sell it by transferring it to another user’s wallet. Recipients of the NFT will be able to claim the space by transferring the token to their own wallet address

How does it work?
Simply withdraw your Space NFT from Uhive and upload it to your blockchain wallet Once on your blockchain wallet, you can trade/sell it If the Space NFT is relocated from a user’s wallet to Uhive, the system will remove ownership and it
will be available for another user to have ownership of it, including:
▪ Space Location
▪ Space Followers
▪ Space Content
▪ Space Social Scale
▪ Space Awards and Badges

Uhive marketplace

Uhive marketplace is designed to allow users to Buy/Sell/Trade/Bid their digital assets Some of the digital assets that will be traded on Uhive marketplace include:
• Complete space (with followers, awards,
social scale, etc..)
• Space’s location
• Space’s name
• Space’s content
• Space’s logos
• Collectable cards and artwork
• Mind blowing special effects & more!
Uhive Marketplace will allow users to buy and sell using Uhive Token, and this will create an influx of token usage within Uhive economy Uhive Marketplace will also allow for users to easily create/mint their NFTs in few steps. In addition, the
Marketplace will also support royalty and the NFT creator will be able to set their own royalty comission, ranging from 0-10%, with Uhive Marketplace charging a fixed 4% comission as initial design.

Uhive Spaces

Uhive consists of two spaces:
• Personal Space
• Business Space
• Community Space
• Paywalls
All spaces share the same type of attributes, but, each business spaces are more advanced in terms of abilities.
Business spaces can have:
• Confirmation that they have been verified
or ‘pending verification’ by Uhive
• Contact details
• Location and Opening hours (Optional)
• Business reviews
Community Space
• Will allow community users to post in the community space
• Will allow them to Chat and interact easily
• Community can be public or private
• Community will have a different shape in the Oasis
Space Privacy
Privacy modes:
• Public (default)
• Private
You have full control over your spaces. However, by default, spaces are public unless you choose to make them private. If you choose to make your space private, other users’ ability to follow you and see your posts will be subject to your approval.
Each space is valued depending on multiple factors such as; traffic, area
repuatuion, space engagement and much more.


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Checkout more or sign up to Uhive and Bookmark our website for future updates about Uhive and metaverse.


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